New for Chapters in 2021 is the restaurant garden, located just 8miles from Hay-on-Wye (and more importantly 4 miles from our house) it is the perfect sized space for us to manage alongside the restaurant and is brimming with potential. The aim of the garden is to give us a space to grown interesting vegetables and herbs, to keep our food miles down and to guide menu changes as we witness the seasonal changes.

Already in the space are several fruit trees including apple, quince, pear and fig plus one of our favourite ingredients Jerusalem Artichokes. Jerusalem Artichokes are great as they are a perennial vegetable so will make a return each year – for minimal effort!

Following the no dig method is proving tougher than expected but according to the experts you put the hard work into it in year one and it is much easier ongoing. We will update the page within the next month or so but for now its time to get outside and keep weeding!

The pictures below show the ‘before’ shot taken in January and the stages of creating a no dig garden. First a good layer of cardboard to suppress the weeds followed by the compost then the wood chip to create the paths.